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Look at this lovely 15th century manicula!

One of the many manicula of Archbishop William Scheves.

As I was working through one of Archbishop William Scheves’ collected volumes of incunabula, I came across one of his wonderful manicula (or fist, or index finger, or pointing hand). This volume is a collection of 15th century Netherlandish imprints, and this particular manicula was found in the margin of Saint Bernardino da Siena’s De duodecim periculis quae superveniunt peccatoribus in ultimo fine (Antwerp: Mathias van der Goes, ca. 1487-90). I love the detail and time that went into this lovely hand and sleeve!


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9 thoughts on "Look at this lovely 15th century manicula!"

  1. I love this book! It is the one I like to use as a representative rare book when I’m teaching – it has so many features to point out to students – the manicula, the annotations, Scheves’s wonderful signature, the binding, the previous owner etc. etc.! So glad it’s properly catalogued now, Daryl!

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