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Collecting and Collections Part III: Collecting Items of Local Interest – David Hay Fleming and St Andrews

There are a multitude of items which a collector can choose to collect: books, tea pots, figurines, etc. But a collection doesn’t have to be based around one particular form; it can be based around a theme. David Hay Fleming (1849-1931) was a man with a passion for history and antiquity, and as such he…

21 May 2019book collecting Manuscript Collection Rare Book Collection

Collecting and Collections Part I: The habits of the Satin Bowerbird

This is the first of a new mini-series of blogs which will explore different aspects of the theme of collecting and why collectors collect what they do. The James David Forbes Collecting Prize is open to any registered student of the University of St Andrews. The closing date for entries to this year’s prize is…

18 April 2019book collecting Rare Book Collection

Winner of the James D. Forbes Collecting Prize 2017

The winner of the James D. Forbes Collecting Prize 2017, Arthur der Weduwen, tells us about his collection… My book collection attempts to offer a representative sample of the cheap and ephemeral “daily literature” of the Dutch Golden Age (c. 1588-1713). This includes official print (ordinances, edicts, proclamations), pamphlets, newspapers, devotional literature, and any other cheap…

27 November 2017Announcements book collecting Rare Book Collection

James D. Forbes Collecting Prize 2017

Do you love books? Photographs? Spend hours in bookstores and charity shops looking for the perfect addition to your collection? Or perhaps you’ve suddenly realised when moving that you’ve got more boxes of books than anything else? Tell us about your collection for the chance to win £500 and contribute a new acquisition to the…

24 May 2017Announcements book collecting

JD Forbes Book Collecting Prize: 2015 Winner

Dawn Hollis won the inaugural J.D. Forbes Book Collecting Prize in 2015 for her ‘High and Distant Places: A Travel, Mountaineering, and Exploration Collection’. The 2016 competition closes on 1 June. What is a book collection, and how do you end up with one? In answer to the first question, it is something more than…

6 May 2016book collecting Manuscript Collection Rare Book Collection