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Rare 17th century heraldic playing cards from Edinburgh

To see an update on these cards, view this post from 1 August 2011. I recently catalogued a very interesting set of playing cards from late 17th century Edinburgh. These cards turned out to be highly rare and almost impossible to track down: they are not recorded in Wing, and playing cards (along with other…

29 June 2011Rare Book finds

Edinburgensia: A collection of over 60 17th-19th century items in one volume

Bound-with volumes, or analytical volumes, are often the bane of a cataloguer’s existence and are sometimes the last items to come off of a shelf for work. Stories have been circulated about bound-with volumes of 200-300 musical items that have taken months to catalogue. However, these pesky items can also be a gold mine of…

3 June 2011Rare Book finds