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Conference ‘Dress and Décor: Domestic Textiles and Personal Adornment in Scotland up to 1700’

The University Library Special Collections Division recently contributed to the conference ‘Dress and Décor: Domestic Textiles and Personal Adornment in Scotland up to 1700’. In this blog Dr Morvern French gives a report of the day’s activities. This blog was originally published on the School of History website here: On 23 and 24 March…

17 April 2018Events Rare Book Collection

52 Weeks of Fantastic Bindings, Week 52: an embroidered Bible presented by Charles I, on behalf of Queen Anne, to Sir Harry Wardlaw of Pitreavie

Well, we’ve saved the best for last. The final post of this year-long series of fantastic bindings has been reserved for what is probably the most significant and beautiful binding in our collection: the Wardlaw Bible. This Bible is a copy of the c. 1640 Amsterdam printing of the Geneva Bible and New Testament along…

5 June 2012bindings

52 Weeks of Fantastic Bindings, Week 35: a 20th century embroidered binding, possibly by May Morris

Embroidered bindings are no stranger to this binding thread, however, this week’s item has a very interesting connection to one of the most artistically influential families of England in the 19th century.  This week’s binding gem was found by our reading room team, who were shelf-checking the Librarians Collection earlier this year. They found at…

8 February 2012bindings

52 Weeks of Fantastic Bindings: Week 2

Bib BS2085.C27– An early 17th century dos-à-dos embroidered New Testament and Psalter This week’s fantastic binding comes from the Bible collection, and has been in our collection for almost 50 years. Bib BS2085.C27 is an embroidered dos-à-dos bound copy of the 1627 New Testament in the Authorised Version and the 1627 Sternhold and Hopkins Whole…

24 June 2011bindings