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Research on 19th century publican clarifies date of Valentine photograph

Our commemorative Burns’ Day blog post included a late 19th century photograph published by Valentine & Sons of Dundee featuring the Robert Burn’s boyhood cottage in Alloway. Built by his father in 1757, the “auld cley biggin”, as Burns styled it, became a popular ale-house from the latter part of the 18th century to well…

29 March 2012Conundrum

Cataloguer’s conundrum: Can anyone tell us what church this is? Is it still extant?

Our post last December on an unidentified French Book of Hours received a huge response and helped us to narrow down exactly which book it was. Based on its success, we are now happy to present the first regular post of the new, rebranded blog, Cataloguer’s conundrum! We plan to use this post to bounce…

6 January 2012Conundrum