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52 Weeks of Inspiring Illustrations, Week 14: rotten egg whites usher in the modern era of photography — the Albumen Print Process

In 1850 the albumen print process was invented in France by Louis-Désiré Blanquart-Evrard. Used almost exclusively in combination with glass plate negatives, the clarity and detail of the prints produced by this combination epitomised everything, exacting, scientific, and progressive about the modern age of industrial and scientific progress. Barring a few artistic holdouts in France…

24 September 2012illustrations Photographic Collection

52 Weeks of Inspiring Illustrations, Week 11: Imbedded in the fibres: The Salted Paper Print

The first photographic print medium was known as the salted paper print and was invented by the English scientist William Henry Fox Talbot. Publicly announced in 1839 as a means of duplicating the photogenic drawing, it wasn’t until the advent of the calotype negative in 1841 that this process became more widely used. In ca.…

3 September 2012illustrations

52 Weeks of Inspiring Illustrations, Week 8: the Calotype Negative

The term “calotype” is from the Greek kalos meaning beautiful. It is the name given to Fox Talbot‘s negative process. The name is often mistakenly applied to photographic “salted paper” prints (positives) which have been made from calotype negatives and as such the term calotype often requires disambiguation when conducting photographic research. In short, a…

13 August 2012illustrations Photographic Collection

52 Weeks of Inspiring Illustrations, Week 5: Cameraless, Lensless and Shutterless Photography: The Photogenic Drawing

The photogenic drawing was the first of Fox Talbot’s photographic processes which he would present to the world on the 25th of January, 1839. This process was not what practitioners today would identify as photography since it did not involve the use of a camera, lens, or shutter. Put simply, it was the act of…

23 July 2012illustrations Photographic Collection

52 Weeks of Inspiring Illustrations, Week 3: An Evolutionary History of Photography

As part of our 52 Weeks of Inspiring Illustrations we will explore the Photographic Collection by examining the evolution of photographic processes as they are represented by our holdings. The aim is to underline the physical qualities of different photographic media and the cultural and commercial implications of advancements to these processes.  The reader will…

9 July 2012illustrations Photographic Collection