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A treatise on famous female rulers

Dr Sandra Toffolo, Postdoctoral Research Assistant in the School of History, takes a look at John Lesley’s De illustrium foeminarum in republica administranda, ac ferendis legibus authoritate libellus (‘Book about the right of illustrious women to administer states and pass laws’), in the latest post from the Preserving the World’s Rarest Books project. Dedicated to…

28 February 2018Rare Book Collection Rare Book finds

A New Edition by Martin Luther

Postdoctoral Research Assistant (and former Lighting the Past Cataloguer), Drew Thomas, highlights the St Andrews University Library’s 1529 edition of Luther’s preface to the Psalter, Praefatio nova, D, Martini Lvte. in Psalterium, latine reddita per IVSTUM IONAM (TypGW.B29XL), in the latest blog from the Preserving the World’s Rarest Books project. Blog first published here. One…

16 February 2018Rare Book Collection Rare Book finds

Seeing the light in a dark room: Paper as Evidence Workshop hosted by School of History and Special Collections

Material culture can prove beneficial, if not essential, to help us understand historical events, literature, science and art. Throughout the history of mankind, the materiality of day-to-day life has had a direct effect on intellectual production and its manifestations. A group of students from St Andrews had a glimpse of this over the last two…

10 November 2014Events Rare Book Collection

Cataloguing of all 17th Century Books by Athanasius Kircher Complete!

On the 15th of May, Hermine Lefebvre, USTC/ENSSIB intern for 2014, completed a wonderful cataloguing project which has seen all of St Andrews’ 17th century editions of Athanasius Kircher added to the online catalogue. Since last year, faculty at ENSSIB have selected one student to come to St Andrews for the spring term to work…

3 June 2014collections highlights Rare Book Collection Rare Book finds

St Andrews this summer is the place to be for historians and lovers of the book!

I’ve been keeping my eye on this summer’s calendar of events, and it’s looking like St Andrews is the place to be this summer if you are a lover of books or a book historian. There are four huge international conferences coming to St Andrews which are focused on book culture, book production and book…

14 February 2013Events

Universal Short Title Catalogue (USTC) to Launch on Tuesday, 22 November 2011

A new database promising to provide access to all books published before 1601, in all languages, will be launched on 22 November 2011. The Universal Short Title Catalogue (USTC) will contain a total of some 350,000 titles published in 18 countries.  The USTC will create a searchable interface, bringing together data from established national bibliographical…

19 November 2011general information