December 25 – Fairies

Wednesday 25 December 2019
Illustration by Henry J. Ford from The Red Romance Book, 1905 (Lan PR4876.R4F05)

The myth of fairies has no single origin, but stories of fairy-like creatures are common throughout folklore. These magical creatures usually have a human appearance plus their most distinctive feature – wings.

Andrew Lang, poet, novelist and collector of folklore edited The Red Romance Book (1905) with illustrations provided by Henry J. Ford. This illustration is from the story of Ogier the Dane, a legendary knight of Charlemagne who was visited by fairies as a child.

We hope you all have a great festive season!

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One reply to "December 25 – Fairies"

  • clcouch123
    Sunday 29 December 2019, 8.21pm

    This has been a wonderful gathering. Thank you!


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