December 15: Lade Braes burn, St Andrews, November 1973

Tuesday 15 December 2020

Lade Braes burn, St Andrews, November 1973 (AGC-33-51). A 35mm slide from the Andrew G Cowie St Andrews Photographic Collection.

The Lade Braes walk follows the route of the old mill lade, the Kinness Burn, and runs from Hepburn Gardens to the back of Madras College, South Street.

Andrew Cowie, was the son of George Cowie, and worked for his father and also undertook and photographic survey of the town of St Andrews, documenting the seasons and building changes during the 1970s.

35mm film and slides were a very popular medium for photography in the 1950s to 1990s. Slides, producing a positive image, could be then placed in a projector and used for lectures and group viewings.

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One reply to "December 15: Lade Braes burn, St Andrews, November 1973"

  • Elisabeth Okasha
    Elisabeth Okasha
    Tuesday 15 December 2020, 10.07am

    Lovely - and brings back happy memories


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