December 21: Curling, 1878

Monday 21 December 2020

Curling, 1878 (JV-645). A print from the James Valentine Photographic Collection.

Curling is a winter sport that has a long history in Scotland. The first written evidence of curling appeared in a notary’s protocol book in 1541. Playing outdoor curling on frozen rivers and ponds was popular in Scotland due to the climate. 

Valentines of Dundee produced prints and then postcards of topographical views for the emerging tourist market from the 1860s until the 1960s.

Albumen silver prints was the dominant form of photographic printing from 1855 to the 1900s. Multiple images could be printed from one negative in a range of sizes, making this ideal for the commercial production of photographs for sale.

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One reply to "December 21: Curling, 1878"

  • Elisabeth Okasha
    Elisabeth Okasha
    Monday 21 December 2020, 10.08am

    Happy memories - my grandfather was an enthusiastic curler in Dunblane at this sort of date, and subsequently my father was also. We had two curling stones,with ornamental brass plates (having been awarded as prizes), permanently on display outside our front door. I can well recall as a child being unable to even lift them.


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