Advent Calendar 2021

Wednesday 1 December 2021

This year’s Advent calendar takes the theme of oceans and coastlines, in support of the Dive In! Protecting Our Ocean exhibition at the Wardlaw Museum – an exploration of our ocean, the threats it faces and what you can do to help.

From today until the 25 December, we will be posting a daily image from the University’s archive, rare books and photographic collections on this theme.

The Dive In exhibition runs at the Wardlaw Museum until the 30 January 2022. You can also look at curated selections of images relating to the Fife Coast on the Coastal Collections page.

The first image (ID: GMC-EA-37-F) is from the photography collection of George Cowie, a local press photographer who covered the St Andrews and Fife area.

The news of a baby seal found on the beach at Cambo was reported in the St Andrews Citizen (11 January 1936) alongside Cowie’s picture of the seal pup and local fishermen Mr Archibald Ritchie. Orphaned and unable to feed itself, Ritchie reported that he planned to care for the pup for a short time, taking it down to the sea each day at low tide to swim and feeding it a regular diet of herring.

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One reply to "Advent Calendar 2021"

  • Christopher Couch
    Wednesday 1 December 2021, 7.41pm

    It's a wonderful, needful theme. I look forward to the Advent calendar. Thank you!


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