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Scotland and the Flemish People

We recently put on a display for the ‘Scotland and the Flemish People’ conference, which focussed on the relationship between Scotland and Flanders, primarily in the medieval era. We were pleased to discover many interesting examples of Flemish culture in our collections – we’ve picked out some of the highlights below: Text of the office…

5 August 2016Events Manuscript Collection Rare Book Collection

Look at this lovely 15th century manicula!

As I was working through one of Archbishop William Scheves’ collected volumes of incunabula, I came across one of his wonderful manicula (or fist, or index finger, or pointing hand). This volume is a collection of 15th century Netherlandish imprints, and this particular manicula was found in the margin of Saint Bernardino da Siena’s De…

21 December 2011Rare Book finds