A Royal Foundation 2.0.1 – an Augmented Reality Experiment

Tuesday 18 September 2012

Cross-posted from the original on the Museum Collections Blog of the University of St Andrews.

The new temporary exhibition A Royal Foundation: 400 Years of the King James (a.k.a. #KJL400) opened on Saturday 8th of September. As an experiment I have used the smart phone app Aurasma Lite to use augmented reality and hide a few images in the exhibition. It has been such an easy experience to add the images, aka ‘auras’ I hope to add a few more during the run.

If you have never used Aurasma Lite before I have some instructions below, the important thing to do is subscribe to the MUSA channel and you will be able to view the images you need to find to then make the AR work.

How to find the Auras:

1. Download Aurasma Lite to your smart phone/device, it’s free and links to operating system are on Aurasma website: www.aurasma.com/

2. The first time you open the app it will run through a demonstration of how you can load your own images, you will see what fun you can have!

3. Once you have completed the demonstration, select the Pylon icon, top left of screen, and it will give you the menu screen:

My Aurasma menu.

4. Select ‘nearby’ icon and you will see ‘Nearby Channels’. If you are within 10km of St Andrews please select the ‘MUSA’ channel and tap ‘Subscribe’

5. If you have not yet registered you will be asked to register for free:

Here’s a hint to find your first image hidden within the exhibition.

6. When you are within range of the venues MUSA or Gateway Galleries, you should now see the images you need to find to make the auras work

7. Go to the exhibition at Gateway Galleries, start-up Aurasma Lite app and in the ‘camera viewer mode’ hold your phone over the image and you should see something appear on your phone.

8. If it works – show your friends, tell the world.

8.b. if it doesn’t work, drop me an email and I will try to help.

Do let us know if you get it working, tweet us @MUSA_StAndrews or comment below. We are keen to hear any ideas of where else we could use this in the galleries and or around town. It really is a simple process to upload the images, give it a go and share your locations with us.

Happy hunting!

Mark Macleod

Operations & Project Curator

Museums Collection Unit

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3 thoughts on "A Royal Foundation 2.0.1 – an Augmented Reality Experiment"

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  • Rachel Hart
    Rachel Hart
    Monday 24 September 2012, 11.21am

    It works! Your instructions are very clear,Mark, and it is taking me into a whole new world!


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