December 15 – Zanzibar fishes

Wednesday 15 December 2021

Sir Robert Lambert Playfair, with Albert C L G Gunther, published in 1866 “The Fishes of Zanzibar” with illustrations by G H Ford. The preface of this publication refers to Playfair’s studies of the ichthyology of the Indian Ocean and to his collection of specimens. While there is no mention of any photography carried out in the preparation of the volume, the University’s archive contains a manuscript album with photographs of the specimens which appear in the published work. [ID: ms38502]

Sir Robert Lambert Playfair (1828-1899) was the grandson of the Reverend Dr James Playfair who was Principal of the United College of St Salvator and St Leonard from 1799 until 1819. He served as a Political Agent in Zanzibar during British colonial rule.

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