Women’s History in St Andrews University Collections

Friday 8 April 2022

Staff and research students of the Institute of Scottish Historical Research have put together an online mini-exhibition to highlight some of the collection items available for the study of Scottish Women’s History from amongst the treasures of St Andrews’ University Collections. These are their personal choices and cover late medieval charters recording grants by local women to correspondence of a former student who became a novelist, essayist and translator. This was compiled using the Exhibit tool (best viewed in full screen mode).

Items featured in the exhibition:
ms37490/1/1, 2 and 3
msDA784.7 (ms4347)
msCS479.A8 (ms5465)

You can find out more about the Institute of Scottish Historical Research here.

2 thoughts on "Women’s History in St Andrews University Collections"

  • Caroline
    Saturday 9 April 2022, 6.49pm

    I've tried to view this using three different browsers on two different devices and although I accept the cookies the presentation won't load


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