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Where we find new old books, chapter 3: buried treasure amongst the stacks

This is what buried treasure looks like in a library: This book, which is a collection of two perfectly respectable but not very rare tracts by Vatican Librarian Agostino Steuco, has acted as a vessel, a treasure chest, for the bits and pieces that went into the binding and physical construction of this book. This…

29 September 2015Archives collections highlights Manuscript Collection Rare Book Collection Rare Book finds

52 Weeks of Historical How-To’s, Week 25: Easter Baking

Well, this week’s post has been more challenging than expected.  It started life as a blog about decorating churches for Easter. Although I have no doubt there is material about this in the collections, it is harder to find than I have time for.  Then I found this quote in Bernard Homer Dixon’s The image…

17 April 2014How-To's Rare Book Collection