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A Century of Photographs, Found in Australia

We are pleased to announce that the winner of the James David Forbes Collecting Prize 2019 is Antares Wells, recent graduate in the School of Art History. In this blog, Antares tells us about her winning collection of photography. I found her photograph in January 2011. She sits on the shore, eyes closed, arms taut,…

11 October 2019Uncategorised

Collecting and Collections Part II: Pteridomania strikes Special Collections

In the second part of the Collecting and Collections blog series, our Manuscripts Archivist takes a look at the trend of fern collecting, pteridomania. It may be conceded that not all the elegancies of Potichimanie, Diaphany, Knitting, Netting and Crochet, ever offered such pleasant employment to the light fingers of the fair sex as a…

14 May 2019Manuscript Collection Rare Book Collection

Collecting and Collections Part I: The habits of the Satin Bowerbird

This is the first of a new mini-series of blogs which will explore different aspects of the theme of collecting and why collectors collect what they do. The James David Forbes Collecting Prize is open to any registered student of the University of St Andrews. The closing date for entries to this year’s prize is…

18 April 2019book collecting Rare Book Collection